Welcome to the Bush! Predictions?

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Welcome to the Bush! Predictions?

Post by Black Ace Clayton on Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:24 pm

This is so Bush League!!!

Hey guys - this year is going to be pretty fun.  It is cheaper than other leagues because you don't have to go out of pocket for lube when you rape Taylor Swift Dowhan.

By the way, moving Robbie to WR2 is going to change the time of his regular trade offers.  Expect his late afternoon and evening offers to move to the after 23:00 time slot as he will actually have to work for a living now.

Who do you guys think is the favourite going into the year?  My vote is for either R. Dycker or Robbie Rape whistle Allison.  My vote for most delusional comes from Mexico, but I'm not willing to name names as the they take their business serious down there.  If no one trades the MURDERERS a defenceman this year, (and now that he fucked himself, I recommend no one does), how many man games lost on D will he compile?  What would the line be on that one?

Matty Dyck is wheeling and dealing and could be a dark horse to move up the ranks if he continues to make astute moves.

I'd usually throw out the "Who's gonna finish last?" question but I think a less unanimous question would be "Who is going to finish 2nd last?"  

Well good luck this year.  I hope to see lots of discussion on this thing and now that the forum is up, and we can see rosters with the season nearing, there should be lots of trades and chat to log on and see.

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