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During the season you will have 20 active players with the other 16 designated as your “farm” team and another 4 designated as your "prospect team".  Your active roster will be broken down as follows: 12 forwards; 6 defensemen; and 1 goalie.  

Player Positions will be decided by the draft website in which is being used for the season; whatever position the players team site lists him as, that is the position we will use, EI- defense of forward.  If for some reason the team website does not list the player's position, eliteprospects.com will be used as a secondary site.  If a player is designated for more than one position (ex.Defense/Forward) such as Dustin Byfuglien, then the players position will be determined on a monthly basis. After each month the player will be forced to dress in the position which the player started his games in closest to 75% (special teams time does not count toward time played in a specific position). So basically, whatever position the player starts his first shift of the game in is the position he will be designated for the rest of the game in the eyes of this league at the beginning of the 2014 season, Dustin Byfuglien is to be started as a forward and Brett Burns is to be started as a Defenseman. Only at the end of the month when roster changes are to be made will the previous rule be applied where the player has to assume the position in which he played closest to 75% in a position during the previous month UNLESS during that month he has been permanently listed as only one position via the draft website.

Prospect Team

1. Each team will be allotted 4 extra spots for their prospect team and these spots do not count against the 36 man roster.

2. Teams that finish in the bottom two will be given an extra two prospect spots on top of their 4 for a total of 6.

3. At the beginning of each year you have to decide if the players on your prospect team goes up to the 36 man roster, released, stay on the prospect list or traded away.

4. Some player may remain on the list for a number of years depending on their path to the NHL.

5. To be an NHL rookie and placed in one of the prospect roster spots at the beginning of any season, they have to have played less than 25 NHL games. If that player has played 25 or more games in the NHL then he is not eligible to be on the prospect roster. * Playoff games do not count towards the 25 games.

6. Once a player is placed on the prospect team he is ineligible for the official roster until the following season.

7. If you make a trade during the season you may manage your prospect team as you wish as long as you abide by the rules and have the space.


A. During the season you will have the opportunity to make 4 roster changes on the 1st of every month.  All changes must be submitted by 12:01am on the first of every month on the draft forum.  When roster changes are made, the player being called up from your farm team must be the same position as the person being removed from you roster.

B. (1)   Rule Amendment - ROSTER SUBS: Each team will be given 15 anytime Subs throughout the year that they can use at their discretion.

B. (2) Injury Subs: When an injury occurs and a anytime substitution is utilized, the injured player may be substituted back into the starting roster without costing an extra anytime sub as long as he returns to the line up in the same month he was injured.  

C. If an anytime sub is utilized it must be stated before the player being subbed out starts a game on the day of the substitution (I.e. no double dipping.  You cannot gain points from a player if he plays an early game, and then sub him out later in the day for another player.) [c] If you are subbing an injured player back into the line up, it had to be made before the player plays his second game upon returning from injury.


Entry cost for this pool will be $225/year and will be required by the date of the draft each year.  We will be keeping track of all stats on officepools.com, therefore every year one of the GM’s will have to pay that fee and it will rotate every year (with 12 GM’s, you will pay only once every 12 years).  An extra maintenance fee may also be applied (i.e. website costs) and that will be determined at a later date, but it will not be a substantial sum.

We have 10 Degenerate teams ($2,250 prize pool) with the payout as follows:

• First Place: $1,000

• Second Place: $500

• Third Place: $200

• Top Scorer: $50

• Top Scoring Rookie: $50

• Top Scoring Defenseman: $50

• Top Scoring Goalie: $50

• Most Goals: $50

• Most Assists: $50

• Most Improved Team: $250
The first year winnings for "most improved team" will go towards a league trophy.

If two teams are tied at the end of the season (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) the tiebreaker will be points per game average.  If teams are still tied after that, they will split the prize money.  Prize money will be split if two or more players tie in any other category.  


All skaters will be awarded 1 point for a goal and 1 point for an assist.  Goalies will receive 2 points for a win, 1 point for a shootout loss or overtime loss, and 1 extra point for a shutout.  Rule Amendment: Goalies will also receive 1 point for and assist and 1 point for a goal.


A.  All players drafted must have already been draft eligible in the NHL.  Therefore, if you are aware of a 16 year old kid who is going to be the next Gretzky, you still can’t draft him until his draft year in the NHL.  Any player currently playing in the NHL, AHL, CHL, College, etc will be available as long as they have already been draft eligible in the NHL.

B.  There is no limit on drafting players of a particular position, but keep in mind the active roster breakdown.  

C.  At the conclusion of each season team standings will dictate draft order for the following season.  The last place team will have the first overall pick; second last will have second pick, etc.  Every draft after the inaugural one will be set up like the NHL draft (1-12, 1-12, etc.).

D.  Every draft after the inaugural one will consist of 4 rounds.  Any player who has not been drafted will be available; including top prospects drafted that year or any breakout NHL’ers who may not have been picked up.  

E.  Trading of draft picks is allowed any time, including the inaugural draft.

F.  As mentioned, attendance at the inaugural draft is mandatory if you want to be a Degenerate GM (or at the very least you must have a representative).  If you miss any future draft you will be subject to a $100 fine that will be contributed to the draft party.    

G.  Death of a player: If a player on your roster dies, you will be granted one extra pick at the conclusion of each draft as compensation.

H.  Retirement of a player: When a player retires, you lose that player from your roster and do not receive an extra draft pick at the conclusion of each draft.  However, if that player comes out of retirement and returns to the league (i.e. Forsberg or Lemieux) then the GM who previously owned the rights to that player will have the option to retain that player on his roster.  If the GM does not want to retain the player, then the player will be available in the following draft.

I.  If a player defects to Russia or elsewhere, you may keep that player on your roster or drop him.  Once the player is dropped, he becomes eligible in the next draft and you no longer have the rights to that player.


A.  Any assets may be traded at anytime during the year.  That is, any players and draft picks may be subject to trade.

B.  Trade deadline is 11:59 pm the day after the NHL trade deadline, and trades will be allowed to commence at the end of the NHL playoffs.  All trades must be emailed to the Commissioner’s account to keep track of all moves AND posted on the forum.

C.  There is no limit on how many players you carry during the season (ex. making a 1 for 3 trade).  

D.  Traded players do not count as a substitution as long as the player traded for is inserted into your line up.  If you trade a player on your active roster for a player on someone else’s farm team, then you may insert the player you traded for into your line up with no penalty.  However, if you do not wish to insert the player you traded for into your line up, then you will have to utilize one of your substitutions in order to fill out your roster.  If you do not want to use a sub or have none remaining, then you will have to wait until the next monthly change and leave the roster spot vacant until such time.  If you trade a player on your farm team for a player on a current active roster, then that player takes the place of the one traded on your farm team.  If you wish to insert that player into your line up, you must use one of your substitutions or wait for the next monthly change.

E.  Trade Veto’s:  Any GM can request to have a trade investigated and possibly vetoed.  The GM must text or email the commissioners and they will discuss the trade.  If the Commissioners feel the trade is not in the best interest of the League or one of the teams they will put the trade to vote with the remaining 10 GM's voting.  For a veto to be obtained, 8 out of 10 votes must be obtained.

**We expect that this will only be applied in extreme cases.  For the most part, we would like all owners to be able to shape their team as they wish.

F. Rule Amendment: If a GM trades a player who is listed as a certain position then that players stays in that position until that player is eligible to change positions. see rule 1. As we only use forward and defense as positions, Dustin Byfuglien is a key example. Example, if Dustin Byfuglien is traded as a defenseman that he is to stay at that position with the new owner until rule 1 takes into affect.

G. GM's may only trade draft picks up to 5 years in the future. "EX - in year season 2015-2016 a GM would only be aloud to trade a pick as far as 2020-2021." It is only at the end of the following draft that this time line changes and moves on to the following 5 years.


A. Any GM can request to implement a new rule. All GM's will vote and for the rule to be implemented the vote has to obtain at least 75% in favour.  This will occur every draft.

B. Any GM may file a complaint against another GM. This may include roster, Line-up/change or trade violations etc. GM's must email the complaint to the Commissioner's account. If the Commissioner's cannot solve the problem, an email will be sent out to the GM's of the league for their opinion on a solution and/or possible disciplinary measures.


1. The order for the waiver draft will be last to first (ex. 12th place picks 1st). The draft order resets with each new season with the new standings.  

2. Only released players cut from the final rosters will be available in the waiver draft.

3. If you picked a player, you would immediately have to release a player from your protected 40 players and the released player would go into the waiver draft. (ex. Rob picks Lidstrom from waivers and releases prospect Tyler Cuma back to waivers.  

Rule Amendment: Any player dropped for another during the waiver draft also becomes available to be picked up by another team, but he is not allowed to be selected until the following round from which he was dropped.  For example, I pick up Lindstrom and drop Tyler Cuma in the 1st round of the waiver draft.  Tyler Cuma would be available starting in the 2nd round of the waiver draft.

4. Teams have the option to pass on a pick and the selection would go to the next team in the standings.

5. Once all teams are done selecting, the players on waivers would go into the following summer entry draft.  There will be no free agents or waiver wire pick-ups during the season. This will be a one day waiver draft.  All undrafted players will be made available at the following year’s draft.  


If it is decided that we will allow an expansion team into our select group of Degenerates, it must first pass a vote of at least 80% approval from current GM’s and the following rules will apply:

A. The GM of an expansion team will have the last pick of each round of the draft during his inaugural season.

B. A dispersal draft for the GM will be made where he may pick 1 player from each existing team; All current teams may protect 70% of their roster before the dispersal draft.

C. At the conclusion of the first draft the GM will be allowed to pick 21 undrafted free agents; 7 under the age of 25; 7 between the ages 26-30; and 7 over the age of 30.


If a GM no longer wishes to be part of our exclusive group of Degenerates, then that team becomes the property of the league.  You are not allowed to sell your team for personal profit.  If a GM leaves, his team becomes property of the league and the league will put the team up for sale.  That cost does not cover the entry fee of the new GM.   Any profit will go towards the following years Draft Party.  If there is nobody willing to take over the team, then all players from the franchise will be put in a dispersal draft.


The GM who wins the trophy is honoured with being able to bring the trophy home for the entire following season while trying to defend it. It is also the responsibility of the winning GM to cover the cost of having new name plates added to the trophy for the following season. At each summer draft the GM who won the trophy will bring it to the draft and will present the trophy to the new winner.
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